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Why Should You Buy a Home?

Well, maybe you shouldn’t…

Honestly, not everyone should buy a home, not everyone should go to college, not everyone should risk eating rolled tacos at mid-night (that’s a joke), but some people SHOULD :-).

Here is a common question I ask 90% of my clients, ” SO YOU WANNA BUY A HOUSE?”.  It may seem obvious, but I like to state that question to clients, to break the ice, and ease the tension, but also, I want them to know it is a process.

When you purchase a home, it isn’t like driving to the car dealership, test driving the car that drives nicer, and smells better then your current car (because you are in fact test driving the newest model).  Buying a home for many is, buying a stock they will sell in the future, or a place to plant deep roots, owning something, building friendships in the neighborhood.  Creating a place that will remain within their family for years to come.  Buying a home is something different for everyone.

The Reason to buy a home is up to you, but the biggest reason NOT TO, is, does it make financial sense?  Can you afford the cost of the loan, the payment, furnishing the home, the bills associated with homeownership?  It is easy to buy the new car, and get the warranty, and though many of us live in our cars, homes, are FULL OF LIFE, and life gets messy, things break, there a repairs needed etc.  So in my professional opinion, buying a home isn’t something you should do, unless you have weighed the costs, and know what you are signing up for.

—This is why I take the approach of educating each client like family, and guiding them to the finish line, so they are comfortable and aware of what they are signing up for—


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– Ryan



Ryan Sabia Loan Officer

Ryan Sabia